Find out which actors are demanding space in the negotiations in Mexico

Recent events seem to indicate that the government Nicolas Maduro It will fulfill its mission of integrating more sectors into a table Mexico Negotiationsin an attempt to remove the leading role of the accompanying Unitarian curriculum Juan Guaido Reducing efforts to achieve tangible results.

After a meeting with envoys from the US President, Joe BidenMaduro expressed his readiness to return to dialogue with the opposition, but stressed that it must be “comprehensive” and include other sectors.

What sectors does Chavismo refer to? In November 2021, the President of the National Assembly (AN) for 2020, Jorge Rodriguez, warned that political movements in Democratic Alliance And the Neighbor strength (FV), arguing that the 2021 regional and municipal elections produced “another picture of the opposition”.

Comprehensive dialogue?

“The Democratic Alliance is ready and demands participation, in addition to insisting on the need to integrate other actors, parties legalized on November 21 in the name of Neighborhood Force (FV) and Pencil Allianceunions, workers, business, for a truly inclusive dialogue”, ratifies the moderate opposition deputy at AN 2020, Luis Eduardo Martinez.

in the data for Cocuyo . effectMartinez emphasized that there is no need to hold talks in Mexico and that they can take place within Venezuelan territory, as well as with the mediation of the Kingdom of Norway and the accompaniment of other international actors and observers to speed up the process. and ensuring concrete agreements.

Rodriguez also mentioned that Alianza Pinsell, directed by Antonio Icari, came second, after Carmen Meléndez, in the race for the mayor of Caracas, on November 21. In fact, Ecarri announced on February 21, 2022 That if negotiations were resumed in Mexico, the Actors arose from regional and sectors such as Businessmen “not the political forces that do not represent anyone and have a great national rejection.”

Maduro announces “reconfiguration” of the national dialogue and that he will continue talks with the United States

Among the actors who emerged from the regionalism are Zulia governors, Manuel Rosales (UNT), from Barinas, Sergio Garrido (clay), from Cojedes, Alberto Galendez (Democratic Alliance and Nueva Esparta, Muriel Rodriguez. Regional leaders have not publicly called for participation in Mexico, but they have met Maduro and attended Federal Government Council.

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Rosales calls for negotiations to resume immediately, as does the leadership of Primero Justicia, without mentioning the involvement of other actors. Long before Guaidó and Gerard BladeThe head of the opposition delegation in Mexico stressed that efforts are being made to resume the table as soon as possible.

who are they?

The Democratic Alliance consists of progressive progress (AP) by Henri Falcón, Acción Democrática (AD) under the control of Bernabé Gutiérrez, Copei by Juan Carlos Alvarado, El Cambio by Javier Bertucci and Cambiemos by Timoteo Zambrano, political organizations with representation in the AN on December 6.

AP, El Cambio, Cambiemos, along with solutions Claudio Fermin and the Movement for Socialism (MAS), also come from participating in the so-called “small table” of the national dialogue with the Maduro government in 2019, after which they agreed to field candidates in the disputed 2020 parliamentary elections.

This alliance joined the regional alliances on November 21 last year, Venezuela First and United Venezuela for the dissidents of First Justice (PJ) Jose Brito and Luis Parra, as well as leaders of the Volunteer People’s Party (VP) who presented themselves for the Supreme Court of Justice’s umbrella intervention and the confiscation of the electoral card Guaido’s party.

Gutiérrez with AD, as well as Parra and Brito with PJ, also incurred this latter behaviour, prior to the 2020 parliamentary elections, which the Guaidó sector regards as an “allied opposition” to Miraflores.

Unanswered suggestion

The Associated Press, with the voice of 2020 deputy, Luis Romero, announced in February that it had sent a Message To the consolidated program in which it is proposed to increase the number of members of the opposition delegation from nine to ten, with an average of four seats for the G4 parties (UNT, Henry Ramos Allup’s AD, Guaidó’s VP and PJ) and six distributed among the Democratic Alliance, in addition to the Pencil and FV alliance.

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Romero explained that the request is based on the results of the November 21 elections, in which parties other than the Round Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) received 60% of the opposition vote. The message did not receive a response.

The mayors of Chacao, Gustavo Duque, Barotta, Darwin Gonzalez, Jose Fernandez de los Salias, and Elias Sayegh of El Hatillo belong to the FV party. Also a former Baruta City Council member, David Ozkategi who competed for the position of governor of the said state and came in second place. The group also nominated Muriel Rodriguez, who won the election for governor of Nueva Sparta. They also did not ask to go to Mexico.

If the participation of such actors materializes, then the unified program led by Blade, will not be the only representative of the opposition at the table, in Chavismo’s eyes.

Possible Effects on Negotiations

“The demand (inclusion of other actors) from the outset indicates that Chavismo is not ready to achieve results at the negotiating table, because it has been proven that the more actors there are, the less agreements can be reached,” politicians warn the world Anderson Sekera to Cocuyo effect.

The political advisor notes that it is up to the Unitarian platform to decide whether to accept an incorporation that includes those designated as “scorpions”. He points out that if the answer is no, Maduro could again call for a “national dialogue” that suits him, as he has done with every failed negotiation from the Dominican Republic, arguing that the opposition, in this case led by Guaido, is doing so. You don’t want to share.

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He warns that when he spoke of the National Dialogue as he did in his speech on Monday, March 7, Maduro was able to refer between the lines to the aforementioned scenario outside Mexico, with an opposition that does not bother them and that also calls for lifting. from international sanctions.

“With the inclusion of other representatives that Maduro viewed as opposition and the direct channel between Maduro and the United States, Guaido has become very weak. If the unitary program decides not to participate, Maduro can use the four governors (Zulia, Barinas, Quedes and Nueva Esparta) to give credence to this new schedule because they were elected in their states as opponents” , according to his estimates.

Manuel Rosales asks for a date to resume negotiations in Mexico

“Guaido’s Homeless”

For Martinez, the negotiations, which began in August 2021 and stopped after only two months, did not bring results precisely because there is a shortage of people at the table and because the parties that intervened have maximum demands, that is, presidential celebration On the one hand, Chavismo refused to implement it.

“It seems that it has already been accepted, including the United States and the United States European UnionHe stressed that the presidential elections will be in 2024, and at the same time we should focus on the economic recovery of Venezuela.

In his opinion, Miraflores’ goal of removing Guaido from the table and from any other scenario as an interlocutor, whether he likes it or not, has already been achieved, because even the United States has finished recognizing, he asserts, that Maduro is the one with the power with whom to negotiate Buying oil.

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