World Cup 2022: Media Center of the Host Country: The Qatari government’s space for journalists is more effective than the one organized by FIFA.

And theQatar government Create a site for journalists in the heart of Dohawhere media professionals can do their work, without having to travel to the FIFA Media Center and above all, which has the necessary conditions to be able to carry out the work they want to do. Hundreds of connections are taking place from the World Cup.

The media center of the host country, located in the heart of Doha, It is also a space in great demand by those media that, for various reasons, have not been able to obtain FIFA accreditation and need a space to operate that has been rejected by the Football Governing Council, Not getting accreditation.

this center, is up there with the FIFA Media Centre, Which is located near Qatar Library.

This site has it all: a room for press conferences, where the organizers give details of the implementation and operation of the Cup, Radio and television studios for rent, technology support, photography services, and even a restaurant with a buffet.

At the entrance, a huge staircase leads to a giant screen. Where hundreds of professionals gather to watch the matches. Of course, it’s not the only place where you can watch every World Cup match.

It can also be seen in desks arranged so callers can work, from one of more than 300 available spaces. The press room can accommodate 300 journalists and 25 photographers with all amenities.

“I have participated in many events around the world with press rooms of this nature, and This is one of the best I’ve been to. I did not fully understand when I arrived, but I have no doubt that there are more journalists Here more than FIFA, ”admitted Daro Santos, the Argentine rapporteur.

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Meanwhile, Javier Aparicio of Argentine Radio, He also singled out the Qatar Media Center on the account of FIFA IBC.

“This has all the amenities of a FIFA center, T.II have the opportunity to enter both, and this place has nothing to envy, if anything in size. “The food is still the same, and this is more useful because it is located in the center of (Doha),” he added.

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