Rafi Pina dedicates an emotional birthday message to Natty Natasha

Music producer Rafi Pina dedicated a birthday message to singer Natty Natasha in which he highlighted his qualities and how proud he is to have her as a partner.

Through the letter, accompanied by a video of images of various moments, he reiterates the love that connects him to the mother of his daughter Vida Isabelle, who was born in May last year.

“What else do you want to show? I don’t know you (April 2012), I’ve seen up close what it’s like to deal with failure with great fear, but without deviating from your purpose. To improve your land in NY at age 21, to see what fate has in store for you. Setbacks and disappointments are what you want to do. Little by little it matured you until you took the lead. Time only makes one better people or people who pass through life. You are a wonderful person. You are a great daughter. The love you have for your parents is very special, for your brothers and relatives. You can be trusted and You’re that friend who doesn’t laugh, who doesn’t comment on situations, even if you don’t have the answer to help, who listens wherever you are and makes the loneliness disappear. You’re a great companion because you’re an artist. In addition to admiring you, you are very compatible with me, you know what I think and what is difficult to achieve in life, do not need to talk to anyone, reflect an indescribable peace, much less jealousy, your smile always makes it clear,” said for the crime of illegal possession of weapons in Puerto Rico last year. The businessman, who is serving a prison sentence, wrote on his Instagram account.

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“What better gift than God’s precious life, should we enjoy it when the world told us we can’t do it? Ah, even though I’m not here physically today, I’m writing it to you publicly so that the world knows I’m proud of you, even if you’re a leader, a lion, a lion locked up. “You went out there. You’ve shown that if you work hard, with faith and courage, you can achieve it,” he continued.

“Thank you for always being aware of everything I’m here and watching you from afar to see how well you’re doing. I congratulate you, I have nothing else to think you are already done, one thing is missing, but you can see it on Sunday. I love you and on behalf of all Budner Bandits, your loyal fans, family and friends, Happy Birthday. Thanks for the unusual expense, but we’d be happy if you could give us at least two hours. Most importantly, we are alive and healthy, more reconciled than ever, and soon we will be hugging each other. Thank you for making everything right, you have no idea what this moment means to me. I love you forever!” he concluded.

The couple went public with their relationship in January last year.

The producer is serving his sentence at the FCI Butner Medium II medium-security prison in North Carolina, where he is only allowed to see two relatives once a month, according to reports.

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