The day Emilio Ascaraga tried to remove Bezara Becky

Inside Show business Endless stories rarely come to light. Where it is Emilio ‘El Tigre’ Ascaraca I try Remove To Bezara Becky Original One of them, because you can say yes He got it, Though ‘Half’.

The Bazaar Becky The most popular character to appear on the show ‘Ambrosio’s Corbin’, A Comedy and music show What was the feeling a few years ago, where was it Controversy What was hidden came to light.

What happened to the original Bejara Becky?

As described Benito Castro, On a trip with him Golden Scorpion, The Bazaar Becky This has never been performed by Moises Suarez, Is highly recognized today for his role as Arturo Lopez on the show ‘Neighbors’ because there was someone who gave life to this character from the beginning.

Castro talks about what it was like at the time Humberto Navarro, vice president of television, Who wanted to appear on TV, without revealing his face, so Success What I had ‘Ambrosio’s Corbin’ He wanted to create Bazaar Becky.

The Character with feathers I would have been born more desire That’s one thing The idea is original But the public loved it because many still remember his famous phrase “Yes yes!” Y “E la one, one la two, one la one, two, three … tiki t, tiki t”.

With this fact, Problems; First it Bazaar Becky It was characterized by having a high and luxurious voice, something that was not exactly known to a man in those years. Second it is Emilio ‘El Tigre’ was invented by Ascaraca What his vice president did.

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Benito Castro Remember that Ascaraka sent Navarro And started Plan him, Argues the following: “I already found the bird you put up playing. How does the vice president of Televisa go out to act like a foot bird ?! You get out of that suit, you don’t turn me on Do one of them! After a while, all the vice presidents who want to be a vice bird will leave me. ”

Navarro, The original Bejara Becky, To Give up character They need to search for one Replace. It was like this Moses Suarez Take office The legacy continued, As you can see, he is not the original member of the feathered character.

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