Anuel mentions Carol G during a concert and the networks go crazy

As part of his song “Amanes” released in December 2018 with urban artist Haze Anuel b He mentioned his former name Carol G. As recently revealed on the Mollusco TV YouTube channel, the video of the moment has gone viral, as the Puerto Rican previously remained silent rather than naming the Colombian, but apparently the trap layer is maturing and evolving both personally and professionally.

“And in my bed (in bed) like Carol G, without pajamas (without pajamas) like Becky G, she don’t know how to love (uah), she don’t wanna love,” the lyrics say. Song.

Anuel’s fans appreciate their idol’s act and assure him that he understands the business. “Men Don’t Cry, Men Bill”. It’s a reference to Bizzara’s song with Shakira, who released the hit “TQG” as a duet with her compatriot Carole after the shooting of her ex Gerard Pique.

In this sense, Anuel also released “Más rica que ayer” where he returns to his origins and sings “!baby girl!”, which many fondly said was “la pichota,” but he clarified on Molusco TV that “pebecita” is a common phrase in Puerto Rico.

But it doesn’t stop there, Anuel has tasted the sweet honey of marketing his music through word of mouth and on April 20 he appeared on “Mi exxx” with Visin.

In addition to the single’s controversial title, the video clip is similar to the car used by Anuel and Carroll on their first song together, “Gulpables”.

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