Felipe Calderón’s proposal to the opposition to end Morena’s “big client machine” in 2024

Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon shared the plan “Regenerate the resistance to save Mexico” on his networks. Twitter/FCH

Former President of Mexico Felipe Calderon Hinojosa He presented a document that he proposed Opposition political partiesAs well as taking various measures to counter the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) in 2024, the year the country will hold presidential elections and the year it will begin with electoral discretion. Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

in your account TwitterThe former Mexican president pointed out that before the citizen march security National Electoral Institute (INE) issued a speech on February 26 in which he proposed a way to “save Mexico.”Rebuild the resistance to save Mexico”.

In that document, the former legislator National Action Party (PAN), said that if there are no changes in the functioning of the opposition parties, it will be Unstoppable President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and its enormous patronage machine, where only possible change lies Citizen participation Within political parties.

In that letter, Morena has an agreement for the opposition, an open and simultaneous merger and re-merger process, at least, National Action, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD) And Citizens Movement“The way to renew and “citize” the parties is to use the INE rules to rebuild the opposition, “which will allow them to rebuild their list of fighters.”

Mexico’s former president Felipe Calderon shared on his social networks a plan to rescue the opposition parties to form a “Va Por México”-like coalition that will seek to defeat Morena in the 2024 presidential election (Photo: Twitter / @NoAlPrimor)
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“Opposition parties should urgently promote citizenship. Without it, it has no representation or legitimacy, but it has strength, regional implant, “muscle,” the document reads.

After receiving a Citizen Connection At the same time Political parties Based on the rules of the Electoral Institute, Calderón Hinojosa asked the parties invited in 2024. Opposition Alliance Apply for one A single candidate for the post of President and a formula for each District and SenateThese candidates will be elected in the primaries of all the participating parties Election alliance.

“That primary election will be held with it New method Fed up with citizens, tested and fixed earlier at their points of vulnerability or change, this can be verified between an open and concurrent process and the election of candidates. 2024 election“, said the former party leader.

“I sincerely hope it will work to restore democracy in Mexico Defeated Morena in the next election. “It’s about us Mexicans rebuilding the opposition to save Mexico,” the former president said.

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon called on the opposition to face the Morena machine in 2024 (Photo: Twitter/@MarkoCortes)

A former president of PAN enumerates the advantages of his proposal which we present to you here:

1. In this way, citizens can enter politics in an organized manner. Citizens become politicians and politicians are real citizens.

2. It will develop parties with unprecedented strength.

3. It will give legal recognition to its candidates.

4. It would allow for the emergence of new leaders who could be candidates: both the President,

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5. And for every electoral district in the country, this new militancy should try to elect the best; “Kilo for kilo” thus each candidate or candidate selected should be better than the one before him.

6. It will make it possible to neutralize the power of Morena’s illegal election machine.

7. It will exercise and strengthen the “electoral muscle” needed by the parties.

8. It takes the story away from the government. The epic will be on the citizen side, as it was in the security marches for the INE, and it will be built every day until election day.

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