The government says there can be no constitutional reform without the approval of political parties

Santo Domingo, DR.

President Louis Abinader announced his administration to the Economic and Social Council under any circumstances Will impose constitutional reform Proposal if not understood and approved by political parties.

The executive branch pointed out that political parties in particular needed this Advocacy in the National Congress.

The position of the ruler was revealed by the legal adviser of the executive branch, Antonio PerraldaAt the closing meeting of the Economic and Social Council Transparency and Institutional Roundtable.

“Under no circumstances should the Louis Abinader administration impose this or any other reform without the understanding and approval of political actors. Especially those who are influential in Congress ”The legal adviser on behalf of the president said in his speech this morning.

The government pointed out that it would not encourage reforms in the proposed republican constitution If not by consensus“This Government shall not be construed to be in breach of the established rules and regulations governing any administration.”

Antoliano Peralta said President Abinader had reaffirmed his commitment to improve this constitutional reform.It will not be used to play other songs “Rumors that former President Danilo Medina, who could stand in the 2024 election, may be given power and a 50% and one vote reduction to win the first election round.

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The Executive Branch understands its proposals “Be timely, necessary, and classic”.

Among the proposed reforms, he cited: to upgrade a popular initiative from more than two hundred thousand (200,000) to only twenty-five thousand (25,000); Being a judge of the High Courts requires a non-partisan militancy.

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Strengthening control of public funds internally and externally; The true independence of the Ministry of Public Works is through a mechanism for democratically appointing its Chairman or for the removal of the Ministry of Public Works from the register of the National Council of the Judiciary.

“However, if there is no consensus, we will not encourage them because this government will not resort to despicable acts contrary to pre-established laws and norms governing public administration,” he said.

Full statement from the President

The executive’s legal adviser, Antoliano Perralda Romero, promised this Wednesday that the administration of President Luiz Abinader would not impose constitutional reform under any circumstances. Or this violation is nothing else, If it does not have the understanding and approval of political actors, especially those influential in the National Congress.

“President Louis Abinader reiterates that Your support, encouragement and approval for this endeavor They will be limited to what is proposed here, and their intentions will not touch on other issues in any opinion and context, “said Perralda Romero.

At the same time, he pointed out that he was recording in his own way the decision to knock on the doors and conscience of the national political leadership, with the aim of achieving competition of options that would allow these reforms to be implemented. .

With certainty, he added, a more democratic and transparent country in managing public finances and a more efficient justice system would be achieved.

At the Economic and Social Council, the Legal Adviser (ESC) spoke at the ninth and final meeting of the thematic table on transparency and institutionality, as part of the President’s call for reforms for institutional strengthening and efficient management of the state.

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“In front of the members of this table who participated in the discussion on constitutional reform, we reaffirm in front of you our commitment to the results reached here. We are releasing this announcement today in the hope that this session will be fruitful. Earlier,” he said.

Peralta Romero reaffirmed the confidence of the executive branch in these proposals. At the right time, be necessary and important.

Among these reforms, he cited: to promote a popular initiative from more than two hundred thousand (200,000.00) citizens only up to twenty-five thousand (25,000.00); Being a judge of the High Courts requires a non-partisan militancy.

Similarly, strengthening the control of public funds internally and externally; The real freedom of the public ministry is through a mechanism to democratically appoint its chairman or to exclude the public ministry from the register of the National Council of the Judiciary.

“However, we will not advertise it If not by consensus This government will not resort to despicable acts contrary to the existing laws and ethical norms governing public administration, ”he assured.

Despite such optimism, within the framework of this dialogue, the national community presents its observations, counter-proposals and further suggestions, through various political and social organizations, as the executive has shown an open mind from day one.

“In fact, we are incorporating a number of observations related to the method of dismissal or legalization of High Court judges who commit serious crimes, such as constitutional commitment. The judge will be appointed. Attorney General of the Republic,” he said.

The officer recalled that they had held eight meetings before Have been subjected to various level discussions Various regulatory proposals within the framework of the President’s call for dialogue.

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“You know, we are not only finishing work on this table today, we are also finishing this stage of the dialogue on constitutional reform, which aired on March 2 and May 4 in the previous two sessions.”

The legal adviser stressed that this was a firm effort by the executive branch. Every project will have a positive impact Institutional rule in the Dominican Republic.

Among those present at the meeting were Milagros Ortiz Bosch, director of ethics and government honesty; Pedro Montilla, Legal Assistant Adviser to the Executive, and Noelia Rivera, Deputy Adviser to the Executive.

The audience included various academics, civil society actors and journalists.

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