Shivas player to replace Jesus Anglo against Atlas

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Beyond representing “Canello” in the Rojiblanco dressing room, his absence from the field will be a complex task in the quarterfinals.

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Chivas de Guadalajara lost one of their regulars, especially after Ricardo Cadena Came to the forefront due to lack Jesus Anglo, after a fibula fracture, will keep him off the field for about three months. The coach still has some doubts about the player who will take the midfield spot.

There are several chain options to replace the “canal” from the components in 11 Starter for players who constantly go to the bench, for which they need to carefully analyze who is the element that manages to show dynamic football. With a great return to the competition area in two duels against Atlas in the quarterfinals.

Delay seems to be the obvious variation Take Roberto Alvarado to the left inside Anglo’s place, Since he is the only element in the line of three midfielders that the coach usually uses to play in the same position, However, he can also use a natural center to correct the offense.

Types to replace Jesús Angulo against Atlas

If “Piojo” takes over the “Canolo” position, there will be a vacancy in the attack to complement Alexis Vega. For this reason, the options are Jose Juan Macias, who is recovering from an injury and needs a little rhythm. Angel Saltivar is an element that moves well outside the area and creates gaps For those who are behind before the competition goal.

poll Who do you want to replace Anglo?

Who do you want to replace Anglo?

Roberto Alvarado and JJ Macias are the starters

Player above Alvarado and Zaldiver

Sebastian Perez bouquet

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If Catona wants to use a midfielder without moving the lead, he can rely on Powell Perez, Anglo was a midfielder who came on as a substitute when he left the field and showed great play every time he wanted to. Sebastian Perez Bouquet and Alejandro Organista are the other midfielders who have the best movement, they can contribute a lot in recovering the ball. And plans ahead.

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