Fear of shooting creates fear in the tourist area of ​​Nairit

Compostela.— After a clash between elements of the Mexican military and armed civilians in Nyarid, Compostela, three criminals were arrested, including the nickname LM3, who is said to be the hitman for the Jalisco Nueva Generation Cartel (CNG).

During the operation, a soldier was wounded and several high-powered weapons, including rocket launchers, grenades and machine guns, were recovered, security sources said.

Since Friday night, several military teams have begun patrolling the area around the shores of the Ringan de Cuapitos (a bustling resort on the Riviera Nairit), limiting access to the site via gaps and secondary roads.

Yesterday morning, just after 8:00 a.m., an operation was sent to a safe house located on a hill near Federal Highway 200, and when they met armed men traveling in several vehicles, the confrontation began and entered the town.

The continuous shooting, which was practically heard throughout the city, caused fear among tourists who were still staying in their rooms, so they locked themselves up and went to safety, while those who were already on the beach, confused and ran to cover up the closed spaces because they could not find the place where the explosions were heard. After receiving various reports about what happened, the secretaries of the National Security (Sedena), Security and Civil Defense (SSPC), and the National Guard and Municipal Police also traveled to the scene.

Through social networks, many videos began to spread, in which explosions were heard and military deployments were seen.

A recording was also released from the army announcing the capture of Hitman, known as LM3.

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An army man dressed in black, in a tactical attire, asks his name, his nickname, the cartel he belongs to and his status.

The man said his name was Eric Joel del Toro Lopez, a member of LM3, CJNG and the winner. When an army man asked him if he was a successful man or a Plaza boss, the man denied it and then his rights were read to him.

During the collision, Federal Highway 200, at the intersection of Los Ayala, was closed, creating long vehicles.

In the afternoon, Governor Antonio Echeverria Garcia acknowledged the work done by the Armed Forces in the state through a message to the Social Forces.

“This morning, in the Copitos area of ​​the municipality of Cambostella, a criminal group attacked elements of the military and they immediately stopped the occupation. From the state government, we support the immediate response of our armed forces to restore order in the region and urge the community to remain calm.

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