Facebook and Ray-Ban will launch a model of smart glasses: what can you expect from them?


1 ago 2021 09:53 GMT

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the device is a key element in the development of a new technology called metawares, a kind of face-to-face Internet in which the user does more than just “see”.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, during a meeting of Facebook shareholders for the second quarter of the year. Confident Probably from this year “Smart Glasses” Developed by the company, it is designed in conjunction with Ray-Ban.

Although it is true Before The company showed a prototype of a growing reality glasses, with Zuckerberg carefully observing the pending release of the glasses The other type, Refers to it as a smart device.

“Looking to the future, the next product release will be our first Ray-Ban smart glasses in conjunction with Esilorlaxotica,” the entrepreneur commented, adding that these are things that have the iconic shape of the Franco-Italian company and allow “very interesting” without giving further details about it.

What to expect from smart glasses?

Andrew Bosworth, director of virtual reality hardware, developed on Facebook, Commented He recently told CNET that the device “helps people communicate with others and never feel connected to another person.” However, he pointed out that they do not have screens, so it is hoped that efforts will focus on providing an audio experience.

In this regard, Facebook is developing some of the reality labs Increased reality headsets, Will allow users to connect high-speed audio locations where they work, which is why it is speculated that these will be an important part of being included in smart glasses.

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Similarly, the technology company has suggested that glasses do not work independently, but are designed as components for phones, although they do not show how devices can be synced via wireless or cables.

For its part, Ray-Ban has suggested that these glasses may not look like ordinary glasses, but probably are Prescription glasses, Until now, have not been able to achieve increased reality glasses due to the shape and composition of the frames.

Zuckerberg, meanwhile, noted that the development of smart glasses is an important step in the development of a new technology. metaverso, “A virtual environment where you can be with people in digital spaces […] A [especie de] The Facebook co-founder explained that you have the built-in internet, instead of looking.

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