Investigators admit that the criminal authorities acted outside the law because they did not respect the court order

Attorney Marcela Gallias points out that it is not up to the government to decide whether or not to comply. Celia Metrono, for her part, ensures that the government considers laws and institutions to attack and humiliate individuals whom the government considers enemies or critics.

Authorities agreed with a criminal lawyer and a human rights defender Punishment centers They are acting illegally because they refuse to comply with the resolution of the Third Criminal Committee, which is forced to send the former mayor of San Salvador. Ernest Muishand Home guard with electronic bracelet.

The criminal prosecutor, Marcela Gallias, felt that it was not up to the authorities of the sentencing centers to establish what judicial decisions were going to comply with and what was not.

The Directorate General of Punishment Centers is obliged to comply with it because their function is not only to detain the accused and keep them in the criminal center, but also with the help of innocence policy, as it is related to the body and should not be evaluated for practical problems. Jurisdiction, ‚ÄĚKalias said.

It considers that under Section 291 of the Penal Code, criminal officers commit an offense with an unnecessary limitation of personal liberty.

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Celia Metrono, a human rights defender, argued that court rulings should be followed and that if there is no agreement, one can seek institutionalized legal means.

“Failure to comply with the decision of a competent court is unconstitutional and should be noted by the High Court and the authorities who have promised to comply with the law.”

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He added, “This dynamic, common to states that respect the Constitution and national and international norms, has disappeared since May 1, 2021.”

Although he did not share his ideology or sympathize with Muyschond, Metrono considers that “the right to due process and respect for the judiciary in this case has been clearly violated.”

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Current officials are losing more and more credibility as he becomes the instrument of laws and institutions to attack and humiliate individuals he considers to be enemies or critics.

“Everyone close to the current power will be punished without any guarantee and in violation of their rights, even if corruption, organized crime and abuse of power are pointed out with equal or worse seriousness. Those who do not support them.”

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