Exception: Guillermo Lasso tells police that the government supports them and accepts their legal protection Politics | News

By creating the Security Division of the National Police, the government will assume responsibility for security before judges. Executives work on the legal program.

Wednesday afternoon, October 20, President Guillermo Lasso Went Eugenio Espezo Police District of Quito In the event of an exception being imposed two days ago, his government would provide a speech in support of the action of the uniformed persons in the proceedings.

Lasso said people should live in security, assurance and peace, and the National Police is an organization that has dedicated itself throughout its life to working in support of citizens and security.

“Today you are going to patrol an important area of ​​Quito. The President and the government will support you. He will not leave you alone. The President will always be on the side of the National Police. We will be permanent, they will fulfill their duty fully and we will support them permanently. We will not hesitate to be on the side of the police who are doing their duty, ”Lasso said.

The government plans to build Security Division of the National Police Take responsibility for the safety of those who wear uniforms and prepare a reform bill in the same way.

“Judges of police officers will previously assume responsibility for state security. We apologize to the police officers who were interrogated and convicted in the next few days, we are on the side of honest citizens and we have a duty to act and work for the protection of the Ecuadorian family. I came to give the message of police support and solidarity with the government to combat insecurity. I ask God to take care of their unity in their lives, here I am, I will not leave you alone, many victories ”, concluded Lasso.

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Meanwhile, The General Commander of the Police, Tanya Varela They will return to peace on the streets, peaceful citizens will co-exist with the work of the police, and the country is united to fight for peace and crime. (I)

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