Abinadar withdrew 350 police officers, including 62 colonels

Last night, the Executive Power National Police (PN) retired 350 officers, at the request of the High Police Council, due to old age and service.

The retreats consisted of 62 colonels, the same number of lieutenant colonels, 51 majors, 79 captains, 72 first lieutenants and 18 second lieutenants.

Retired colonels include O’Neill Aubrey Tabar, Francisco Aquino Eugenio, Guillermo Peஸ்a Ubera, Puntaren Jose Josro Castillo, Marcelo Castro Ulova and Pablo Cordo.

Also removed were Colonel Carlos Antonio Cruz Guzman, Juan Belize Novas, Manuel Fernandes Taveros, Felix Franklin Figueroa, Leonardo Garcia Alvarez, Felix Gomez Geraldino and Ramon Gonzalez.

Among others, Colonel Ramon Hernandez, Jose Arismenti Liberus, Jose Raman Martinez Bolanco, Condito Madio Eurip, Theodoro Miguel Matos Theos, Francisco Mor மோbal Villaman, Fernando Ocondo di Oleo, retired vector Manuel. Sixth Ramores de la Cruz.

Bienvenido Viola, Elido Alfredo Rodriguez Garcia, Julio Justino Rodriguez, Miguel Sanchez Cornelius, Nelson Giovanni Sanchez, Manuel Santomaria Fondour, Ricardo Scorpe Vasquez, Victoria

Juan Antonio Bello Almont, Aquilino Jimenez Gomez, Amelio de Jes பிs Picardo, Rockerm Soriano Garcia, Rosalio Abbott Encornesian, Diogenes Alcondara Oviedo, Ramon Cristomo de Saturnino de

Retired lieutenant colonels include Juan Francisco Acevedo, Dionysio Aguero, Carlos Ercelio Aquino, Angel Salvador Medio and Lucas Carrela.

The withdrawal comes as large sections of the population are demanding deeper reform and clean-up of the National Police as a result of the shooting death of a Christian couple and the confusion of agents with criminals.


During a press conference at the National Palace last Wednesday, President Louis Abinader warned that no one would tolerate being above the law and assured that he had an irreplaceable commitment to a comprehensive police reform that would prevent incidents such as shepherds’ crime.

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