Ex-players troll for shooting Lake at halftime

On March 23, one of the most anticipated remakes of recent years saw the light of day. Citizenship Evil 4. This legendary title, originally launched in 2005, pass through Different generations of consoles For its good story, witty jokes, and the way Capcom completely transformed the franchise it created.

Fans are waiting for the remake after many years And the players tried He Video game From the minute. However, more Others People who are interested in survival horror stories, set out play By First time This topic.

Knowing this situation, there are many people Experience They have given them a giving task Curiously Advice For starters: what Shoot the lake It contains Chapter 3A texture is also found in the original title.

Despite this ‘Great’ advice Available on sites like Steam, Twitter Or TikTok, is You better not do that Here we tell you Because (Slight spoiler coming up).

What would happen if Aeri was filmed in the Resident Evil 4 remake?

A in the lake A giant monster At some point in the chapter you will encounter, however, if you shoot directly Lake When you first arrive, this fish It will come out and eat you alive.

Yes, just like that, no more. This creature detects shots and quickly comes out of the water to give you a good one Scary And keep Game over what are you playing However, you don’t have to worry because you’ll reappear where your progress was saved and you can continue progressing through the game.


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