Porsche will for the first time launch a modern display and control system in the new Cayenne

PorscheIn its quest for a driver-centric driving experience, it will debut a modern display and control system in the new Cayenne, which includes a completely redesigned cockpit, a digital instrument cluster, and a video-capable passenger display, among other improvements.

The new Porsche Driver Experience, as this suite of technologies is known, will be presented in April alongside the latest generation Cayenne in Shanghai, China.

“Like other companies, we talk about the driver experience, but we deliberately call it the driving experience because we are a sports car brand. This means that the driver in our cars goes first, and that means we put everything around the driver.Ivo van Hulten, Director of User Experience Design, said at a roundtable with Latin American media in which he participated. The new day.


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The Cayenne has a luxurious interior, which adopts some of the elements that were incorporated by the Stuttgart-based manufacturer into the Taycan electric sports car.

For example, The instrument cluster is now a fully digital 12.6-inch curved displayWhich gives a modern and slim look. Depending on the vehicle level, Porsche reports that the driver can select up to seven different screens.

Porsche Cayenne interior (supplied)

Another major change with the arrival of the Porsche Driver Experience is that while the engine start button is usually to the left of the steering wheel in a Porsche, in the case of the Cayenne, it was located to the right of the steering wheel between the instrument cluster and center display, making room for a new air conditioning panel and storage space. Larger.

Meanwhile, the new multifunction sports steering wheel has its origins in the 911. Compared to the previous model, it has been completely reworked with a high-quality, modern and sporty design.

On the steering wheel there is a button for selecting normal driving modes, Off-road, sports and sports. There is also a new button switch for selecting features and layouts in the instrument cluster directly on the steering wheel, as are controls for the optional Head width.

On the center screen, where the main functions of Communication Management (PCM) are located, Porsche indicated that it measures 12.3 inches. The driver can operate various driving functions from the screen, in addition to the standard online navigation and multimedia functions.

In addition to this screen, the Cayenne includes an optional touchscreen for the passenger, with a diagonal of 10.9 inches. It allows the front passenger to turn on the online navigation or select a device.

“This is also a way to protect drivers from being distracted, but it also gives the driver all the accessibility we know today on TikTok, but in a slightly more modern form.”Holton said.

In terms of connectivity, this model offers four USB-C ports, while all USB ports offer fast charging functionality. The Cayenne is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto operating systems. To connect a device, just scan the QR code.

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