Euskera and science, axes of the 50 years of Elhuyar

Donostia – Various activities linked to the use of Basque, the promotion of science among young people and the challenge of artificial intelligence will focus, among other events, on the celebration of the first half century of the Elhuyar Foundation, which will take place this year under the motto Elhuyar, 50 years later.

The celebration will cover different events related to all its fields of work, so it will also address the relationship between translation and technology; equality and social transformation, participation in the UPV/EHU and UEU summer courses, audiovisuals and programs on radio and television, in addition to the publication of a special issue of its magazine.

Additionally, you’ll create a container, named Elhuyar Box 50in which, as a link between all these activities, the testimonies, objects and comments related to the initiatives carried out related to scientific discoveries, social reflections, the climate crisis and the pandemic will be kept, along with news related to Basque society and others of an international nature and that will constitute “a testimony of our country and of our time for the citizens of 2072”.

The central act of the program will take place in November and will consist of a festive show in which members, collaborators, partners, subscribers and sponsors of the Elhuyar community will participate, as well as other collaborators and agents and representatives of Basque society. Elhuyar was born in 1972 to spread scientific knowledge in Basque from the impulse of several students who wanted to promote Basque in this field.

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