The Brazilian press criticized Wilmer Roldan, the referee of the match with Ecuador; He ‘messed up’, ‘delayed VAR reviews’, ‘broke the rhythm of the game’, and ‘annoyed football players’ | Football | Sports

After a draw at 1, the Auriverde media also talk about the unfortunate plight of Tite’s trusted men and that security has ‘slipped’.

Ecuador drew 1-1 with Brazil this Thursday towards the World Cup in Qatar at the top of Quito. Arivertes Conmepol maintained his unbeaten run in the tie and reached four consecutive World Cup presentations without defeat in the Ecuadorian capital. As for the tricolor, after beating the Brazilians on the way to Japan-South Korea 2002 and Germany 2006 (1-0 in both cases), they are still unable to suppress the South American giant as homeowners.

However, the best protagonist of the day in Quito was Colombian referee Wilmer Roldan, who, in consultation with the VAR, twice adjusted the dismissal of Brazilian goalkeeper Alison, in one of which he converted a penalty in favor of Ecuador. Results of the competition. Local goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez was sent off in the 16th minute and Brazil’s Emerson Royal, who was shown a red card four minutes later, was not saved.

In the Brazilian press, in digital editions of several newspapers, there is talk of “unfortunate presentations of Titus’ trusted men” in information about the recurring word confusion when referring to Judge Roldan’s performance. “And the defense of the team that already qualified for Qatar” slipped “.

Colombian referee Wilmer Roldan showed Emerson a red card for Brazil. Photo: AFP

‘Fluctuation in results’

Rotary Lance, From Rio de Janeiro, headline: ‘Brazil draw with Ecuador in qualifying round, in a match with chaotic refereeing and two outings’. It said, “One exit from each side, there were many ups and downs, heights and ups and downs in the final refereeing decision … Brazil had no evidence of a 1-1 draw with Ecuador at the Rodrigo Boss Delcado ground.”

Central defender Felix Torres scores an equalizer Lance He said: “La Tri continues to hunt in the Brazilian area, and the defense missed that day. Also, he reached the tie with an aerial ball that fought hard from the first minute. .

Colombian referee Wilmer Roldan at one of the VAR consultations. Photo: AFP

‘Game cut’

For the Sao Paulo media Game Gazette 15 minutes later, “The weather warmed up in Quito. Matthias Cunha relaxed on the edge of the box and was kicked in the back of the head by goalkeeper Dominguez. He received a yellow card and was subsequently expelled.

In addition, about other plays that need to use VAR Game Gazette In the 31st minute, after the goalkeeper (Enner) made a mistake against Valencia, the referee showed Alison a red card. When called by the VAR, he changed his mind and was only given a yellow card. From that moment on, the game’s performance was reduced and much disconnected.

In addition, VAR played a key role in the penalty shoot-out in favor of the tricolor, which appeared to have a chance of winning 2-1: “In the final, the Ecuadorians went in search of a comeback. In the 90th minute, Alison tried to move the ball and knocked down Presiado. In the first second, Roldan scored a penalty, but returned (his decision) after consulting the VAR monitor.

‘Confused arbitral tribunal

To Or balloon, From Rio de Janeiro, ‘Brazil draws with Ecuador on the day that brings good luck and misfortune to the faithful men of Titus’. According to the newspaper, the qualifier was “a game marked by the early dismissals of Wilmer Roldan of Colombia and the chaotic referees. The two red cards in which two penalties were scored and then reconsidered did not come close to eternity. Worst: Roldan kicked goalkeeper Alison twice, then checked the VAR monitor and changed his target.

Another newspaper in S சாo Paulo, headlined on its website, ‘Brazil maintains an unbeaten record in a chaotic refereeing game against Ecuador’, citing the fact that “two outings and field results were corrected by VAR in a match in Quito”.

In your review Leaf From Sao Paulo, “Alison made a mistake outside the area and the referee understood that the play was subject to expulsion. He changed it only after consultation with the VAR.” But rather than criticizing the use of this support, the newspaper criticized the performance of the Colombian referee when using VAR in the qualifying match between Ecuador and Brazil.

‘Irritated players’

“Although the technology was at his disposal, Roldan was not clear in his statements and took a long time to decide and review the VAR so he had to add nine minutes of extra time in the first half, which was not yet enough to make up for the minutes the ball stopped rolling.

To Leaf Failures don’t just happen in the first half. “The second half was not very different. In the 10th minute, Pervis gave a penalty to Roldan Rafinha on Estupinan, but changed his decision five minutes after being warned by the VAR. His delay in deciding the plays not only broke the rhythm but also annoyed the players. (D)

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