Why not enable Bluetooth on your mobile?


Why not enable Bluetooth on your mobile? Bluetooth is one of the functions Smartphones and gadgets in general Most of which we use everyday. However, one thing with it We have to be very careful and turn it off especially after using it.

Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

Bluetooth was developed by Ericsson in 1994, For 1998, Sony, Nokia, Intel, Toshiba, IBM and Ericcson formed a consortium to expand the study of this link. Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Your name Comes from the King of Denmark and Harold Plotand of NorwayCalled Harold Bluetooth in English, Famous for uniting people.

In essence, Bluetooth cables allow you to transfer data from one device to another unnecessarily. And it’s not just for smartphones, it’s a tool for that as well Clocks, speakers, printers, etc. Although it is a very useful function It can be dangerous.

If Bluetooth is always on, it will send information even when not connected to any device. This is because the interface is responsible for sending the UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) ​​to others. Equipment. You can take advantage of this Hackers know your location or steal important information.

To prevent such attacks: BlueBorne (Take control of the device and steal data), Bluebucking (Complete smartphone control), Bluejacking (Total spam), Bluesnorfing (Information theft), among other things, It is necessary to turn off Bluetooth when we are not using it.


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