Enjoy learning about the galaxy from Maunabo this Saturday

After a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public will be able to reconnect and learn more about the wonders of the galaxy this Saturday at a new edition of the educational event “Observing the Void.” By Comité Pro -Maunabo Development in the courtyard of the green house of the Punta Duna Wetland Nature Reserve.

The event will be held from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Dr. Pedro Manuel Torres, head of the community-based organization, told Primera Hora that both children and the elderly can “connect to a part of the universe”, an event that takes place more than 10 years after the educational support provided by volunteers of the Astronomical Observatory Association of Diffusion and Space Sciences (AODACE).

“This is a valuable opportunity for these amateur astronomers to spend their time sharing with people and educating them, and our team believes in this, we follow the same path, where we want to educate people and help them grow,” the community leader revealed to this media.

AODACE volunteers will be in charge of taking the telescopes used in the Taurus, starry sky viewing activity, and will answer all questions from people attending the activity at the located facility. On the PR-7760 highway, kilometer 0.9 of the PRAA sector in the neighborhood of Emajaguas.

During the activity, visitors will appreciate learning more about these celestial bodies in a safe environment, including planets like Mars and Venus, the crescent moon and various constellations, weather conditions permitting, the General Practitioner said.

“People have four hours to voluntarily share and learn about the wonders of the world from Punta Duna without paying a penny,” he said, while inviting schools, churches and other community organizations to join the event.

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Punta Tuna Wetland Nature Reserve was listed in July 2013 as one of the dark sky watch reserves in Puerto Rico by former Secretary of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) Carmen Guerrero.

“We’re going to see a small part of what the universe is, because how many galaxies there are, how many galaxies there are -beyond the Milky Way-, the number of stars is incalculable, the number of planets is incalculable. , so it’s for people to get out of the routine to do something different, without spending a penny. A beautiful moment, they will learn a lot”, said the doctor.

In addition, AODACE will have an exhibit of meteorite fragments identified in Puerto Rico, and they will offer free workshops during the meeting, he said.

If you would like to learn more about the activity or coordinate a group trip, you can call 787-312-8290, 787-455-4083, 939-304-8765 or 787-861-0387 or join the group. Maunabo Development Support Group on facebook.

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