Summary of USA vs Santos game (0-0). Goal and half time

After about ten minutes, the referee did not change at the end, he had to stop the game due to the flames that were thrown on the field. American bars mixed up LAFC supportersBecause they lost the visibility of an existing game Colorless in about 90 minutes.

USA 0-0 Santos Laguna. Commitment to the calling Eagle Tour Inside America It helped both teams play their youngsters, and one or the other First team This is usually not common.

And the fans that came Dignity Health Sports ParkIn Carson, Californiato see The stars of their teamsThey had to leave with a bad taste in their mouths because they, based on the results Fernando “Tano” Ortiz And Eduardo Fendanes, those in charge of Cream Benches and Los Guerreros, decided to bench them. That will be for another time.

Why didn’t the referee check the Sandista goal?

Invariably, I started the game, Oscar JimenezNo longer the starting goalkeeper of the Copa team, but the substitute tonight, failed, and Javier Correa He sent a shot and everything went over the goal line RefereeWorse, he didn’t score.

A scream that can change the course of an encounter, it’s clear, He just did his jobBecause the first half was very hectic Roger Martinez He had two flashes and missed as he often does in the climax.

While on the side White-greenCorrea was once again close to removing one of the zeroes from the electronic, but His shot was not open. And the capital had a bad note Federico VinasBecause even if he is formed Starting at elevenHad to leave after 11 minutes due to discomfort after a tough challenge.

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And lost time?

Although sent some Fentanes for refills HeadlinesThey could not beat the team U20 Eagle reinforced with Jimenez, Emilio Laura, Luis Fuentes, migue layun And Roger himself.

too ponds They were close to breaking the tie, and the truth is, when they were close, they failed, or they found themselves. Goalie That again did not show tension.

That was in 67′ Smokehouse The match had to be stopped, but lost time, that was The Nazarene disappearedWell, when the clock hits the minute 89 with 50 seconds leftWhistle and finish Order colorless 0-0.

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