Elizabeth Gutierrez celebrates her 45th birthday with her loved ones

Elizabeth Gutierrez He celebrated this Monday.

Mexican actress who starred in successful soap operas like Analia's face, completed another year of life yesterday. The celebration started right at the beginning of the show Wake up America (Univision), Gutiérrez has been a guest host for the past week. He then continued at home in the company of his loved ones including his children. Christopher And Kylie.

The 45-year-old translator shared through his Instagram profile, where he is about to reach 4 million followers, several pictures in which he seems to be celebrating this special day with some of the most important and special people in his life.

Elizabeth Gutierrez and her children.

Instagram Elizabeth Gutierrez

“My whole life today, tomorrow and forever: my children. Thank you for this special day. Thank you Mari, Alfredo Ivy… and everyone who came with me. They are loved,” he wrote along with the snapshots.

Elizabeth Gutierrez and her children.

Instagram Elizabeth Gutierrez

“Another year of life. Let's keep working to be the best version of me,” he added.

Elizabeth Gutierrez is surrounded by her loved ones.

Instagram Elizabeth Gutierrez

“Thank you all for your wishes and love,” she concluded her post.

Elizabeth Gutierrez and her son Christopher.

Instagram Elizabeth Gutierrez

And William Levy?

It is noteworthy that there is no trace of presence in any of the films William Levy. The actress did not receive any congratulations from the father of her children on social networks.

Ready to shine

Gutierrez, who has been away from television and art media for years by her own decision, is ready to resume her career as a host and actress at the age of 45.

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“I decided to take that break, and I don't regret it, I don't blame anyone, because I saw my kids growing up, I was there for them in the foundational years, and I wanted to be the one who brought them up. But now I want them to see me as that professional aspect, ” he said on the Univision morning show last week. Carla Martinez, Allan Thacher and company.

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