Triple Etecsa Bonus! New international promotion at $4

Etecsa sales are back! Cuban Telecom has launched a new international recharge promotion and we will bring you all the details.

After several months of typical Cuban mobile phone recharge offers from abroad, the company is resuming reductions in its promotions in search of foreign currency income. Once again, the ad is misleading. We're telling you.

“Triple benefit in one promotion! “Available through international distributors for only 75 Cuban pesos,” they communicated through their social networks.

But, as we already know. Recharges applicable to this type of promotion only apply if made from outside Cuba.

What does the Etecsa Triple Bonus recharge consist of?

From April 3-30, people in Cuba who get an international refill of 75.00 COP will receive three benefits!

  • 8 GB to browse all networks,
  • 80 minutes for calls
  • 80 text messages to send messages.

Keep in mind that all these benefits will be valid for 30 days from the date of reshipment. In addition, you should know that when you activate this promotion, the recharged amount (75.00 COP) will not be reflected in your main balance.

What actions can I take with the Triple Bonus?

With the 8GB bonus, valid for 30 days, you can browse without limits on all networks, both national and international. Remember, the discount is applied to every MB consumed.

In addition, bonus minutes and SMS will be used for international calls and messages.

And if you already have existing bonuses from previous promotions (data, minutes, SMS, etc.), don't worry! They will be bundled with those in this promotion and will expire 30 days after return. Indicates Etexa.

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Where can I recharge a mobile phone in Cuba?

Remember, you cannot do this international promotion in MLC stores or using your USD account in your MiTransfer wallet.

You will only be able to benefit from reshipments if they come from abroad, through Etecsa's international distributors.

Etecsa International Distributors:

How much does an Etecsa recharge actually cost?

Etecsa recharge costs only 75 Cuban pesos. Someone coming from abroad will have to charge you around $4, but they will always pay in foreign currency.

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