Cynthia Glitpo moved to Miami after her bank account was blocked

Cynthia Glitpo, Who came to Mexico after working for a few months in Peru, had to do Emergency trip to Miami Well, there is a problem with one of your bank accounts.

In the company of her boyfriend, the influencer, King Grubero, He paused for a few minutes to speak and agree An interview For the ‘Venga la Allegriya’ project, he provided details His hurricane trip to the American city.

The actress mentioned that she can take advantage of staying in the neighboring northern region Look at the possibility of getting an anticoagulant vaccine, As long as you can do it without breaking the rules.

“Look, I’m going to Miami because I have an account, Being in Peru, they stopped me Then with all that money you have to tell him ‘yes, I was in Peru’, andThis is a Manserka because it is part of my vacation, But this bank is a very difficult bank, I am going to change the bank account, but I have to go to pay taxes on a property I have there, Then the paper works, He elaborated.

Cynthia Glitpo He used the space to mention it He gets along well with his mother-in-law, The parents of her boyfriend King Grubero, with whom sheGo to Lania Beach Upon return of your paperwork in Miami.

In addition, he will use his stay in the United States to look for opportunities to receive the anticoagulant vaccine: “Vision I’m going to see, because I have social security Number and everything, but I do not have it as a resident, so after a while I do not want them to accuse me in the US government; I’m going to see it as a person with social security, assets, tax payers Yes I can, yes of course I am going to be vaccinated, But I will continue to exaggerate “” Done.

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