Libra Horoscope – April 24, 2021 | Libra horoscope

This day you will feel directly, even though you do not have the ability to build loose edges, your attitude led you to get down to situations without much subtlety.

Too often you think out loud and are aggressive about what you want because it is not possible for you. These are the conditions that the Sun creates by the sign of Taurus.

Practical and concrete, Uranus in Taurus sign is good at creating what is needed. You will want to see definitive results. Although difficult to start, you can not stop once you are gone. Your creativity will pay off as you go.

You may want to beat the person you love by giving them a gift with your own hands, because art and creative skills are your thing right now, and you are happy to do them, and now you are showing love to that person who is interesting to you. This is the energy that Venus creates in conjunction with Mercury.

Today you will feel a lot of confusion in your mind, you will distort everything you feel, a simple headache is likely to feel like a complex disease.

It is good to be aware of this feature so as not to imagine the features that are not there. In the 6th house, it is because of the position of the Moon against Neptune in the house of health.

This may not be a good time to work, because the Neptune 6 working house in your home can cause conflicts in your relationships with your co-workers and even your superiors.

You find problems where there are none, which can hinder your career advancement. It’s a good idea to set aside some time to relax and appreciate the opportunities that come your way.

There may be some friction with this couple and it may be a matter of listening well to the thoughts and feelings of the person you love.

Also, emotional changes can be upsetting and confuse actions in a relationship. It’s one thing to focus a little more. This is the energy that the Moon creates against Neptune.

This is a good time to make money, because Sagittarius passes your house 2 house of economic resources and its ruling planet Jupiter 9th house has a train to Mars, so Mars’ determination and strength to overcome them, Jupiter empowers them. Your reward for the hard work you do will come to you with a good financial solution.

Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Friendship: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Labor: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Mercury in Taurus will make you stubborn and stubborn when you have any interest. You have an incredible memory. When you start a project, you focus on your efforts to deliver convincing results. You really believe that slow and steady walking ensures success.


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