What time is it on the moon? The space agency wants to define it

Space agencies around the world may soon have to come to an agreement to tell time on the moon.

It won't even be long Visits to the moonWhether manned or unmanned, it is frequent. Estimates derived from Current and future projectsAnd they point that out The coming decades will be key to continuing knowledge of our natural satellite. Due to the approaching high demand, the European Space Agency (Whichfor its abbreviation in English) sees that it is time to find out What time is it on the moon?Because this reference will be of great importance in documenting the results of future missions.

So far, visits to moonwhen they seek to locate themselves at some point in time, They start from a terrestrial time zone. That is, the astronauts coincide with Houston, Moscow, or wherever the headquarters managing the mission is located. What was previously revealed to the specialized website, Space.com websiteby officials in Which.

Future challenges

As you might expect, seeing this widely, The system used does not seem to be the most functional For a prosperous era of Exploring the moonBecause it makes room for confusion, inaccuracy, and calculations that could have been salvaged if we had done so Shared timetable.

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Taking into account the situation, in November 2022, members of space organizations from all over the world gathered in the Netherlands, Agree on the necessity of establishing an appropriate lunar time zonewhich serves as a common reference for this All lunar missions Can communicate and move easily.

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Definition task What time is it on the moon? It will not be easy, since there are still issues to be resolved. For example, the question arises Whether one organization should be responsible for timekeeping. Likewise, the challenge is to reach a consensus that allows for decision-making What reference will be taken to create that time zone. Specialists have some time, but several international agreements must be reached first.

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