Election 2020 Live Updates: Biden to address the economy as Trump insists on winning the election

Trump continued to refuse to accept defeat, just before midnight on Sunday, tweeting in all hats, “I won.”

On Monday morning he repeated his unsubstantiated claim, tweeting “I won the election”, airing complaints about the process among other tweets.

Twitter slapped a warning on Sunday The tweet read, “Official sources called this election differently,” with a link to several news accounts of Biden winning the presidency.

Trump’s afternoon tweet followed the tweets earlier on Sunday, and for a moment, he seemed to admit defeat rudely, following which more opposition should follow.

“He won because the election was bad,” Trump said of Pitton in a morning tweet. “Voters or spectators were not allowed to vote, voted by Dominion, a far-left privately owned company that could not even qualify for Texas with a bad name and bum equipment (I won a lot!), Fake and Silent Media, and many more!”

Like his other allegations, Trump provided no evidence, and Twitter quickly flagged the tweet, noting that his “election fraud claim was controversial.”

Shortly afterwards, Trump tweeted about Biden: “He only won in the eyes of FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I agree with anything! We have to go a long way. This is a perfect election! ”

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