Peru elects 3rd president in a week amid street protests

On Monday, Peru’s legislature elected the country’s third president in a week, in a bid to stem the rising street protests over lawmakers’ decision to oust a popular president last week.

But as he was not expected to be the country’s new president, he decided in March to name the first legislator, an engineer and educator, Francisco Chagasti. To quell popular anger Among the legislators of the country.

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Many in Peru see lawmakers as corrupt, corrupt – and responsible for adding political turmoil to the economic and public health crises the country is already facing.

The problem facing the Peruvians now is that the same deeply influential and inexperienced Congress has been blamed for moving the country beyond these emergencies.

“God willing, they have finally chosen a better leader,” said Eduardo Carrita, 47, who walked into Congress on Monday and took part in a fight shortly before the announcement, saying, “But I really don’t trust them.”

Peru’s political tensions erupted into open conflict last week Congress relied on an outdated constitutional provision to remove Martin Viscar, Five months before the new elections, the well-deserved president for “moral incapacity.”

Mr. Wiscarra won the support of the majority of the Peruvians – and the majority of the legislature – through leading efforts to clean up the country’s worst corrupt institution. Half of Congressmen are on trial for crimes including bribery and money laundering.

After he was unexpectedly removed from office, the new president was sworn in, and Congress leader Manuel Merino caused the Peruvians to suffer a severe economic downturn, known or credible to some as one of the highest corona virus death rates in the world.

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People poured its anger into the streets, and Mr Merino resigned After six full days in office.

Rosa Chavez Yasila and Mitra Taj reported.

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