El Salvador’s schedule for the 2021 Gold Cup has been defined

Concoff Announced full schedule Gold Cup 2021, The main competition for men’s national teams in the region. This year’s edition includes a new preliminary round for the group stage (July 10-20) (July 2-6) and an updated knockout phase (July 24-August 1).

This Summer Gold Cup, the 16th edition of the tournament and the highlight of the 60th anniversary of Cancok, will be played in 11 stadiums in eight US cities. The final will take place on Sunday, August 1 at the Allied Stadium in Las Vegas.

“We are very pleased to confirm the schedule and venues for this summer’s Gold Cup, which promises to be a football celebration in our larger region,” said Victor Montagliani, FIFA’s Vice President.

He added, “2021 is the 60th anniversary of Cancok and we look forward to competing for the Gold Cup, the best men’s national team in our federation. With a fantastic new look, I welcome our enthusiastic fans to the stadiums for these matches, I can not wait to kick off football on July 2nd and be crowned a champion in Las Vegas on August 1st, ”Montagliani said.

Before the start of the 2021 Gold Cup group stage, the 12 national teams that have qualified through their performance in the Confederations League (CNL) will compete in the Prelims (Prelims) from 2-6 July 2021. These matches will be played on DRV. The BNK Stadium (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and the Gold Cup will determine the last three teams in the group stage.The matches for the two rounds of the prelims are drawn in September 2020 and are available here.

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The group stage of the 2021 Gold Cup will take place from July 10-20. The 12 qualifying nations, the AFC Asian Cup Champions Qatar (invited participant) and the three Prelims winners are drawn in four groups in September 2020 and will play as follows (full schedule available below):

Group A – Mexico, El Salvador, Curaக்கோao and Winner Prelims9
The Group A match starts on July 10, facing Curacao at the Toyota Stadium in El Salvador Frisco, while defending champions Mexico face Winner Prelims 9 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Group A will be Group A in North Texas.

Group B – USA, Canada, Martinique and Winner Prelims 7
Group B, based in Kansas City (Kids’ Mercy Park), will begin on July 11, when Canada and Martinique will meet in their first game of the day, facing six-time champions USA Winners Prelims 7. The United States and Canada will be in Kansas City, while Martinique and Winner Prelims 7 will go to Frisco, DX (Toyota Stadium) for the third date.

Group C: Costa Rica, Jamaica, Suriname and Winner Prelims8
The Jamaican and Suriname team will open on July 12 at the Exploreia Stadium in CI Orlando. Team Seed Costa Rica will face winner Prelims 8 in the second match of the day. Suriname and Winner Prelims 8 will face Houston, DX (BPVA Stadium) and Costa Rica Jamaica at Exploreia Stadium on July 20, the deadline for the group stage.

Group D: Honduras, Panama, Granada and Qatar
Group D, based in Houston, DX (BPVA Stadium), will start the first game of the night on July 13 against hosts and AFC Asian Cup champions Panama, Qatar. Honduras will face Granada the same night. In Orlando on July 20, Granada and Panama will close the group stage, while Honduras will face Qatar at the BPVA Stadium.

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In an exciting football development of this year’s edition of the Gold Cup, the final group stage matches of each team will be played simultaneously. This is to ensure a better performance as teams compete to reach the knockout stage.

At the end of the group stage, the first two teams in each group advance to the quarterfinals.

Knockout stage: quarterfinals, semifinals and finals
The State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the quarterfinals on July 24 and 25, respectively.

The semifinals will be held on July 29 at the NRG Stadium in Houston and the Q2 Stadium in Austin, Texas. Each semifinal venue will be confirmed at the end of the group stage (each stadium will provide one for the semifinals).

The winners of the semifinals will travel to Allied Stadium in Las Vegas to meet in the final on August 1.


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