They leave Hernan Cristante with an assistant from San Luis Mediotimpo.

City of Juarez /

After 1-1 draw between FC Juarez and Atleti de San Luis, Hernan Christian Y Gustavo da Silva Argentina coach Benito Juarez made the words at the Olympic Stadium He took it from the neck The Brazilian technical assistant was involved in a collision.

As a brawl broke out at the end of the game, the umpire Oscar Macias and his jury was aware of the situation and Christian was expelled for this reasonWho didn’t show up at the press conference to talk about what sparked the event and what happened?

Andre JardineTechnician St. Louis AthleticsHe said he didn’t know what caused the fight to be brought up, but both sides apologized for what happened. The judgment of the Central Judge was not avoided Argentina should get DD out.

With a hot head, now I don’t know what happened. After the match, I think both sides should apologize for the words they said to each other, calmly and quietly,” he said. garden As a spectator he highlighted the point scored on his team’s boundary.

I already did with Miguel Herrera

This is not the first time Mandarin Crystal This type has a start because there is already a match Completion 2018 come in America Y Toluca After he faced, there was a similar episode Michael Herrera.

in the heat Hernan Christian He grabbed Herrera by the neck, causing both men to be ejected from the match.

A Braves assistant condemned the teasing

Diego MejiaTechnical Assistant FC Juarez Braves Talked about sports and evictions Chrysanthemum At the end of the game.

We found that aggression from the last game With and without the ball, the team produced a lot. We beat a team that was there High possession of the ball In the last match it was Toluca and now the same situation is repeating itself. “I don’t remember a shot on goal, only the penalty shootout is true,” the assistant said.

“In answer to the second question, the truth is that one can get heated in a competitive situation. Can make requests, Something seems wrong to me. We always talk to the umpire that they are wasting time, we never mess with the match bench, Unfortunately they make fun of me, make fun of Pablo Moran, make fun of peopleSo in the end, this heat of the game, things like that happen, nothing happens, but the truth is, we were in a hurry, we had to go to that adrenaline game, we never messed with them”.

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