The best decision taken by Marcelo Michael Leono and it helped the renaissance of Sivas

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The ‘chess player’ made several changes and tried to strengthen the team, only one of which helped strengthen the team.


This has been the case for the past few weeksThe key to Shivas’ renaissance in Clausura 2022 is the arrival of Ricardo Cadena. After the expulsion of Marcelo Michael Leono; However, There was one man who radically changed the team’s performance and he did it from the game.

The first half of the championship was very complicated for Guadalajara because of nine of these matches Goalkeeper Raul Gudino and El Repano scored 15 goals. At the same time in eight commitments The Guadalajara’s conceded just six goals.

In addition to comparing the statistics of the goals obtained, ‘Wacho’ performed at a high level. Both keepers recorded 20 savingsBut Jimenez gets more catches and clearances with his fists, Although he is one game less than Raul Gudino.

To be recognized The coach who did the analysis and decided to change the goal was Marcelo Michael LianoHe was the one who made that adaptation surprising in the face of the fight with Santos and himself Since he had zero in four of the 8 games he played, Catena gave him a continuum.


What other adaptation did Kadena make?

The interim coach not only provided continuity to his predecessor’s idea To keep Miguel Jimenez at the door, rather than change the plan The defensive machine moves in five rows, where he conferred the title on Christian Calderon And Gilberto Orozco Chiquete.

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