UMH dedicates a new science day with Tapas to new advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment

The Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Health Biotechnology of Elche (IDiBE) of the Universidade Miguel Hernández (UMH) will hold a new science day with Tapas, titled “New Advances in Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment.” This activity is part of the UMH Science and Technology Fair (FeCiTElx) 2022 activities and will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, at 6:00 PM, at FNAC (Alicante). Entry is free, and is limited to room capacity.

In this session, IDiBE-UMH researcher, Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Technology Enrique Barrajón Catalán and researcher in the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at Elche Víctor Manuel Barberá Juan University Hospital will participate. Speakers will approach the problem of cancer from a dual perspective of basic and clinical research, both of whom have extensive experience.

Specifically, Victor Barbera will talk about the evolution of cancer diagnosis methodology in various contexts such as hereditary cancer, preimplantation diagnosis of embryos in the field of in vitro fertilization techniques, as well as sporadic cancer and a new paradigm in cancer treatment: precision medicine. For his part, Enrique Barrajón will focus on the search for new antitumor compounds and how it works in the laboratory of the Design and Development Group for Bioactive Molecules to identify them through various strategies. The marine environment is one of the sources he focuses on his research and obtains compounds that will reach the clinic and join the fight against cancer in the near future.

“Science with Tapas” is an informational activity that takes place every two months and consists of a panel discussion on a current scientific topic, while tasting some tapas. “Science with tapas” and FeCitEelx 2022 have a collaboration with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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