What will Chivas pay for the first signature of Clausura 2022?

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In the Guadalajara team, they will try to bring more competition to the much-criticized Uriel Antunna by the fans.

What should Sivas pay for its first reinforcement
© Figure 7What should Sivas pay for its first reinforcement

At the Guadalajara Club They know they can not add another campaign without reinforcements, which is why they have in mind a player with a Rojiblanco past, because it’s about Alejandro Gentezas of Rio del Nexa, Stunned Creta Mexico Abertora Tournament 2021 It doesn’t matter how big your team is He does not qualify for Repechage.

+ Chivas Stove Football goes to the start of the 2022 MX League

The attacker scored six goals and provided two assists. Enough reason for him Holy flock For this reason, according to Fox Sports, he will keep an eye on They have to spend huge sums for the services of a 23-year-old footballer. Who was in Berla Tabatiya 2016 to 2017, But with little participation Zacatepec was given credit.

How much should he give to Shivas for Gentajas?

Shivas problem is that Alex Gentajs has signed with Nexus until 2023 and remains one of its regular players It is complicated Decide to split up very easily Therefore, according to the Transformmark page Rojiplankos must pay at least 3 million euros for the value of their letter.

That thought Guadalajara adds a seriousness to the lack of competition To Uriel Antuna, One of the most critically acclaimed players by the fans Herd It looks far from performance When he was called up to the Mexican national team, For this reason Gentajas would be a perfect fit for coach Michael Leono’s plans.

Alex Gentajas joins Guadalajara on the list of upcoming candidates Facing Clausura 2022 Competition, Because he also has his vision Marco Antonio Granados UdeG’s black lions, as well Armando Escobar del Atlante, Both are forwards who have spent most of their lives in the promotion league.

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