El Salvador will face trial for breach of ILO agreement

L.L. Salvador blacklists El Salvador for breach of agreement 144

El Salvador has been re-added to the list of countries violating the agreements signed with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and will have to go to trial next week to explain its violation of agreements 144, 87 and 98. Creature.

These traditions promote free choice and tripartite argument by employer representatives. However, like previous governments, the Buchale administration has refused to accept Labor’s representation, specifically that it has ignored Javier Simon of the National Association of Private Enterprises (ANEP), and that it has blocked such high-profile bodies that the Labor Council (CST) has not met since 2019, said ANEP Economic Manager Waldo Jimenez.

“The government does not decide who to meet for social dialogue. It is the employers who decide who represents them. (Government) Businesses have refused to accept and accept that they are free and autonomous to choose their representatives,” Jimenez said.

Trade unions file complaints with the international community

“For this reason, the government should go to a selection or trial where it should present its arguments to employers and employees’ representatives internationally, ”he added.

Another of the paralyzed bodies is the National Minimum Wage Council, which has not been in session for a year, as confirmed by one of its members.

The inclusion of El Salvador in the list of countries violating the conventions is known two days after Labor Minister Switzerland visited Geneva and met with two ILO delegates, and for him, the reassurance and support of social dialogue and workers.

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What does the country express?

According to Jimenez, the ILO Standards Application Committee may order the High Labor Council to meet in accordance with the requirements of Conference 144, which is one of the points they await from the outcome of the investigation.

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But if in a particular case the El Salvador government refuses and decides to rescind this agreement, that is, if it is no longer a part of it, it will have a very serious impact on the United Nations level and on multilateral organizations. Jimenez explained that this would give loans to the country, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The case is set to be heard at the Standing Committee on June 7 at the 109th International Labor Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is not the first time El Salvador has been blacklisted for breach of labor contracts, and in 2019 it has already accumulated five times on this list.

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