United States: “Removing economic obligations on Nicolas Maduro regime without basic obligations is a mistake”

In the picture, James Story, the US ambassador to Venezuela. EFE / Christian Hernandez / Archive

US Ambassador to Venezuela, The story of James, Returned to the manifest Your support for open dialogue between the Venezuelan regime and the opposition; He promised how Washington was already studying. “Make changes in sanctions“Nicolas Maduro was imposed against the regime.

“We support the democratic forces of Venezuela in this dialogue process. We are going to evaluate the coming achievements and we are going to think about how to make changes in the sanctions, ”he said. However, he clarified: “It is wrong to remove sanctions without basic obligations”.

“We are ready to assess the sanctions until there are irreversible changes in the restoration of democracy in Venezuela,” he added during the broadcast of the “Hello Ambassador” program.

Therefore, Story again supported the decision to start a dialogue with Venezuelan opposition leader Maduro, and supported the possible initiative to hold a referendum against the president because he considered the Maduro government to be illegitimate. “We support that process and see if anything is really accomplished in the interests of Venezuela.”, He pointed out.

On the other hand, the Foreign Minister of the regime, George Areza, Defended the terms of the dialogue with the opposition: “The demands made by Nicolas Maduro to address the opposition are logical: respect for international law and the Venezuelan constitution; Sanctions, ignorance of powers and obstruction of state resources are illegal. ”

This week, Guide urged the political structures he leads to take to the streets. “Meet people“Give the call National Salvation Agreement, Which is thinking about negotiating with the regime to find a way out of the crisis in the country.

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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Gaida.  EFE / RAYNER PEÑA R.
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Gaida. EFE / RAYNER PEÑA R.

We are taking to the streets to present the agreement and save Venezuela together. Meet the people and assemble the National Salvation Agreement. We can not leave anyone behind, we must all unite, “said Kayte during a meeting with members of the opposition.

At the meeting, it said “Basic and basic“Reach”The largest and best union“Advancing the Purpose of Achieving Political Change”It is urgent in the country to end the crisis which is getting worse and worse”.

The former Speaker of Parliament pointed out in the National Salvation Agreement “All apply“It should end with an election schedule,” he said.Free and fair involving the president, parliament, region and municipality with international oversight and support”.

What else, Should include humanitarian assistance against COVID-19 and the massive influx of vaccines, Guarantees to all actors of the democratic forces and Savismo, “with means of restructuring Venezuela and the release of all political prisoners.”

According to Kaida, this should be allowed Deportees and Interim Justice, Instead of “Incentives for the project“Including”The terms for fulfilling the basic objectives of the agreement are economically progressive”, Something that is not dependent on the adversary, but on the countries that imposed them.

Referring to the Venezuelan regime, the former legislator said, “It is not true that there is a strong dictatorship, in which – he pointed out – (Nicholas)”Maduro did not control anythingHe is in total control of all companies.

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Five years after Chavismo reclaimed parliament last January, in the hands of the opposition, the elections have strengthened since much of the international community considered fraud.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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