El Borough denounces the Buchale government for “plotting another lawsuit” against him and continuing financial harassment

Digital media confirms handling of financial information provided by tax auditors. According to APES, “the government is using government agencies to harass the media.”

The digital newspaper El Naro, in an editorial published this Wednesday, condemned the government of President Naib Boukel He continues to attack his press work.

Under the headline “The government is making another case against El Pharaoh,” the media is denouncing the government’s unfounded accusation that it evaded $ 33.7 trillion after receiving preliminary results for an audit. Ministry of Finance for almost a year.

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In these results, the Treasury establishes that, according to the El For editorial, the media exempted taxes in 2017 for revenue from 2018 onwards. “There is only one explanation for this absurdity: the task of the treasury auditors who have been interrogating us since July 2020 is not to look after the interests of the state or pursue fugitives, but in accordance with the offensive orders issued by the Presidential Palace,” it reads in the text.

El For says that “in his anti-democratic stance of destroying critical voices or those who do not respect him, President Naib Bukhele is pressuring his entire state apparatus to act as a persecuting machine and to reduce those voices.”

Dropotin’s lawyers, who hold El Foro They had already filed an amber appeal before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, In September 2020, due to the persecution they faced from the treasury.

On that occasion, prosecutors confirmed that the ministry had censored the newspaper, including requests for information on tax breaches of interest, such as the full textbooks of El Foro’s Board of Directors minutes, including an editorial nature of discussions, or interim reports on the implementation of projects with foundations and international cooperation bodies.

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In addition to the tax evasion accusation, the newspaper alleges that the Treasury did not declare subscription income for its citizens’ excavation project, “with even weaker livelihoods.”

According to the Treasury, the media should declare those unique contributions as a fixed monthly income and pay taxes as a result, with the editorial saying “this is an act that leads to betrayal” because there is no such income.

Faced with the allegations of the Ministry of Finance, El Foro reassures himself that all documents are in order, while for 20 years it has repaid all the taxes required by law in a timely manner.

“Those auditors, with the intention of raising a case in support of a priori verdict announced by the president in September 2020, must do it again and again and act in accordance with higher orders,” the editorial said, giving Buckeye a national chain in which he said there were indications that there was a serious case of money laundering in El Faro. Insisted.

According to the media, the finance ministry has tried to create a version that supports the president’s words, but the newspaper said there was no evidence or argument in them.

The media underlined in its editorial that “Naib Bukel’s presidency is aimed at silencing us. All organizations such as espionage, slander networks, concealment, slander and threats are not enough to silence us and now it is seeking increasing cases against us.”

New allegations against El Foro are causing concern in the Salvador Press

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Regarding what happened, El Salvador’s Press Association (APES) is concerned that the government continues to attack independent newspapers.

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“It is clear how the Naib Bukhale government is harassing state-owned enterprises and using them to harass the media,” union spokeswoman Angelica Gorcomo told EFE.

As for Gorgamo, “those types of gadgets that have been discovered are worrying” and “I’m very sorry about this situation that is going on, which is not common to democratic governments.”

“What we are trying to do here is to establish a story from the government that the El Foro media is tax evading as a tax. What we are going to do is defame the media with that style of description,” the spokesman said.

In early February, the International Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) issued precautionary measures in support of 34 members of El Pharaoh, warning that they were “subject to harassment, threats, intimidation and stigma.”

In early March, the Supreme Court’s Constituent Assembly (CSJ) admitted an amber case against the El Salvador treasury, accusing it of using censorship, “trying to obtain information about the editorial, the press, evidence and investigations. Written by El Foro.

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