After complaints from the electorate, the Assembly convenes a full session for economic incentives for beach goers

After the release of the cannabis, the delegates planned the full session with the sole point of urgency, before traveling to Russia, to make daily performances for the electorate.

After the selection of beach football, this Thursday, through CANCHA, the issue was announced that the new ideas did not receive the economic stimulus promised by the delegates, and last May, before going to the World Cup in Russia, the point took a turn. Later that afternoon, it was announced that there would be a green light.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Deputy Ernesto Castro, announced on his Twitter page that an extraordinary session would be held this Friday, with the “Beach Warriors” traveling to Europe on Monday to recognize the economic point.

I call an extraordinary full meeting tomorrow (Friday) August 6, at 2:30 pm. As the only feature on the agenda, we will have the approval of the incentive for our Selecta T-shirt, which will leave for the World Cup in Russia next Monday, ”he tweeted.

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The post, along with the official image of the entire session, closed it like this: “Let’s make history together, little crabs!”.

Responses were received from various representatives of Zion Bank, who confirmed that they would attend and support the electorate. Despite various comments from Selekta seeking respect, the promise made a few months ago was fulfilled, in which they spoke of promising $ 7,000 to each member ($ 6,000 as incentive for assortment and $ 1,000 per day).

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The national team will travel to Russia on Monday and will focus from Sunday. Starting this Friday, he will be home with family to finish work and say goodbye before the World Cup. For this reason, the team wanted to make it clear before the trip that people were not getting that money, so there was no speculation on this issue.

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