Plaster and hands: This is how Diego Linus celebrated El Bronz del Tri

Mexico City /

The Mexican team Reached the goal And picked up Bronze medal. This day may have been perfect for him திரி If there had been no injury Diego LinesWell then Exit change In the second half, he had to be an actor; That didn’t stop him from celebrating.

Diego Lines Was one of them The best players on the Mexican national team In this fight Bronze medal, Because of his overflow and personal talent the Japanese found it very difficult to band.

That’s one Awful That his The attempted shot collides with the JapaneseBut, despite that, it needs a special recognition.

Linus celebrates at the hands of his teammates

After finishing the match against Japan, It was observed Diego Lines was seen with an actor On his left leg, his injury made many people think it was serious but apparently it was ‘precautionary’.

So that the feet do not get worse, They have to cast Diego Lines And how nOr can walk better Or create quick movements, team members and a section of training staff They loaded it so that it would be at festivals, It was appreciated on social websites.

Wool It shows little Uncomfortable, What Get down and go to the party on their own feet, But he could not do it; They did not forget him though, and as they were carrying Jimmy Lozano, he jumped closer.

This Frank Medale is Mexico’s fourth in Tokyo 2020, Where they have been achieved Seven 4th places And could not depart on Medal table, But football met its predictions and added.

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