Independent del Valle showed his ‘good joke’ to remove Crimea from Brazil and qualify for Group A of the Copa Libertadores | Football | Sports

(Video) Las del Valle honored their nickname “The Great Killer” by defeating the Crimea 2-1 in Porto Alegre this Wednesday.


The Independent del Valle earned its nickname “The Great Killer” by beating Gremio 2-1 in Porto Alegre this Wednesday, thus earning a pass after Copa Libertadores’ team-level victory by the same score in the first leg.

Two good goals from Argentina Christian Artis (45 + 3, 66) found the match for Ecuador, who showed strong and ambitious football at the Arena do Gremio ground, led by Portuguese Renato Piva.

The three-time Cup champion, including his coach Renato Portalupi, has been plagued by injuries, sanctions and the Covit, unable to sustain the benefit of a long-range shot from his best man, Jean Pierre (22). Micon (63).

Del Valle will play for the Libertadores’ toughest Group A., Current champion Palmeiras (PRA), winner of the South American Cup 2020 Defense and Justice (ARG) and University (PER).

Meanwhile, Crimea will have to settle for Zone H in South America, along with Lanz (ARG), La Equidad (COL) and Aragua (VEN).

Medieval illusion

The light bulb that lit him up for a good part of last season stunned him again after it burned out several months ago. Injury to Chile Caesar Pinares out of ten casualties – Crimean Pierre opens a new door for probably the longest-serving player in the Kucho triangle

The 10th showed last year that many described him as the best player in Brazil. He showed his strength in a precision volley with his right hand, on the edge of the crutch that slipped into the lower left corner of Moises Ramores.

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He visualized his brain a few minutes later (37) with Michan leaving his hand with the goalkeeper in flying qualifications above Ecuador defense. Ramares extended his limbs and saved the point in the blank range.

The promising 20-year-old goalkeeper began to emerge as a man, a difference was confirmed in the 37th minute when he deflected, with his left foot, a cross shot from the fast Ferreira, who had previously skillfully deflected Jose Hurtado.

The importance of Ramres’ savings – and Gremio’s defining mistakes – was the only visit so far, when Artis paired the matter with a beautiful free kick that went over the top left corner of Brenno’s goal.

Farawell factor

Jean-Pierre continued to shine, but his colleagues found it difficult to carry out their ideas. In a beautiful qualification (56) he left Diego Chazawa in front of goal, but the Vaseline attempted by the attacker was too high.

This option restrained the control used by the blue-blacks after the match had been drawn, which became an event after Dominion increased their dominance by knocking out a double yellow-eyed mic for entry against Argentina’s Lorenzo Farvelli.

Farvelli, the owner of Midfield and Rhythm, commanded the growth of the Ecuadorian people and seems to have forgotten that they were criticized for having to play the first phase of the third phase in Asuncion after three Govt cases in the Crimea.

The former Newells threw a long pass that deserved a ‘quarterback’, which Artis combined, this time with his left foot, drowning out the illusion of a return to the locals.

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After both, this visit is unlikely to hurt a determined, organized and sharp team against the locals.

In just over a decade in the first division, he had already grown proud by winning Sudamericana-2017, and Del Valle acknowledged the nickname his fans had given him, which was already a warning sign to his rivals in Group A: “The Giant Slayer”. (D)

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