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La Tri has visited the coffee grounds since 1965 in the context of the World Cup. There will be a new version of the conflict on Thursday, this time on the way to Qatar 2022.

In the recent four matches at Barranquilla to play in the World Cup qualifiers, Ecuador suffered the same number of falls. In those games, he scored nine goals and scored one against Colombia. The last time they returned from the Metropolitan Stadium with tricolor points, it matched the coffee team in white on their way to the 2002 Japan-South Korea World Cup.

Barranquilla, the irregular national team led by Argentina Gustavo Albaro on Thursday, will play with the aim of reaching an end in the live qualifying zone for Qatar 2022, a historic venue for Ecuadorian football. There the national team set a double milestone: it won a qualifying match for the first time, with that victory at the 1965 World Cup in England, where it debuted as a spectator winner.. With qualifying rounds at nine Ecuador shows in the coffee stages, in addition to individual wins, Ecuador have two draws and six setbacks.

All games in Colombia

After a 1-0 draw in 1965, they drew 1-1 in Bogot for the 1974 World Cup in Germany, while Italy lost 2-0 in 1990. Those were the times when qualifying rounds were not played under the current format, but the Conmepol teams were divided into three groups. With the system against all, Tri lost to France 1-0 in 1998. With the leadership of Hernan Roll Gomez returned with a unit from Barranquilla after drawing 0 with Colombia.

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Ecuador’s successive appearances on Colombian soil have been compiled in four consecutive defeats: 3-0 in the qualifying round for Germany in 2006, and 2-0 under the sun in the Barranquilla when South Africa looked for a 2010 ticket. At the 2014 World Cup, host Colombia won 1-0. And as Russia head into 2018, coffee growers in the metropolis left the national team 3-1.

Success in Barranquilla

As for the only celebration of Ecuador’s victory in Colombia (1965), it was caused by Group 2, which ended in Chile, with the team finally winning a ticket to England. Ground and a little Washington Sanfil Munas won the qualifying round by the national team in the first round in 17 minutes, while playing the opening game on July 20, 56 years ago.

Cover of Estadio Magazine, with Washington Munoz in the hands of Ecuadorian fans after their victory over Colombia in the 1965 World Cup qualifiers. Photo: Archive

“The winning goal was the result of a brilliant play by goal scorer George Polassos, who received a measured pass from Glamaco Gogarde and pushed three Colombian rivals in a brilliant way (Polanos) into the alley of Washington’s Munos. Done.

Munoz ” Magic ‘

The newspaper explained that Munoz had “magic in his legs to paralyze his legs and forget for a moment, charges, juntas (army), hunger and misery”. He told the Colombians that Bologna was “unstoppable” and that “excellent goalkeeper Pablo Ansaldo had a great performance” and that Vicente Lego was a fundamental part of Ecuador’s unwavering defense. In addition, in the August 22, 1965 edition, he captioned a ‘frantic crowd the national team’, with “10,000 people, at least at Simone Bolivar Airport, applauding the domestic athletes.”

Developed with Ecuador Ansaldo; Alfonso Cuijano, Lecaro, Luciano McCas. Miguel Cortijo Bustamante; Remulo Gomez, Conarde, Polonos; Munos, Enrique Raymondy, Armando Laria. Coach Uruguay Jose Maria Call Rodriguez. (D)

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