Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) congratulates Seco and Canelo for their achievements


Sergio Pérez and Saúl alvarez were recognized by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

AMLO's heartfelt congratulations to Checo and Canelo


© President of MexicoAMLO’s heartfelt congratulations to Checo and Canelo

This past weekend was as historically significant as many of the Mexican games. Saturday night Saul Alvarez Defeated Caleb plant To KO In the United States and Became The first undeniable 168-pound champion. Later, on Sunday and in the Aztec lands, Sergio Perez Got a qualification Third place in the Grand Prix of Mexico It happened at Autotromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

Both athletes They put, Again, The flag height of the thread They were always proud of an entire country that supported them. That’s why a few minutes ago Approved by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of the Nation using a press conference Congratulations to Canelo and Checo on their achievements It certainly inspires many boys and girls to pursue their dreams.

“(I like) Congratulations to Sa வென்றl Canelo Álvarez who won the fight and Checo Pérez who finished third in Mexico City’s Formula 1 Grand Prix. AMLO, which is highly satisfied with the actions of the boxer and pilot, said forcibly.

Later, in a Formula 1 racer, he added: “Seko is important because, as everyone knows, a Mexican did not happen to take a place. In this case our country took third place in this competition. Then congratulations.” That’s right: despite not winning, he earned a historic place in the Aztec game and happily exploded the millions of Mexicans who followed his career.

Sergio Perez continued to put pressure on Lewis Hamilton, A seven-time F1 world champion, but finally had to settle for a podium finish. However, his immense work made his team better He took Max Verstappen from his biggest rival, and the Dutchman was able to run with complete freedom. Now, Red Bull Racing aims to have 2 titles and Seko could be in the big story.

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