“Game Boy Robocoses”; New tool for car theft | News from Mexico

United Kingdom.— a “Game Boy ”PyradaSoup ” Innovative tool for Robot More on cars Modern, Too E.

But it is not one Video gameBut a modern Device Whose plan Cheats Al Vehicle To make you believe you have Wrench Electronics.

A Video Posted by Guard At United Kingdom You can see the new technique used.

Car theft with robber “Game Boy”

A few seconds is enough; First, approach the car parked for two lessons and check that there is no one nearby.

One of them said “what looks like” from his pocketNintendo Game Boy”, But instead it is a Device Similar, With some of them legends SUP.

A few moments are enough Car To stay Unlocked Absolutely.

Thieves make fun of the security plan

Once inside, it takes a few moments for the thieves Surpassed The Project From Security Thanks for this Device, Thinks that cheats the car Wrench Coded L Universal reports that it is located within the unit.

Finally, They turn the parked van They rest at the entrance of a house Stealing a car like this.

police Those responsible were arrested and confirmed Device, According to the same authority, was purchased by thieves for just $ 27,000.

How “Game Boy” RoboCash Works

It is a program with a menu with many options separated by a brand Autos.

This creates a large number of combinations that are initially assigned Smart keys Of Cars.

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When you find a combination of these Wrench In that vehicle, the device will appear as a key in the presence, and when it is near the car, it will be Light up and start Without any problems.

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According to officials, the Device Purchased atInternet By thieves and it costs them 27 thousand dollars, Such as more than half a million pesos at the current exchange rate.

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