Vargas after Portland win: ‘This team’s economic superiority is reflected in the scoreboard’ – Ten

The marathon did not achieve the desired record when they visited the United States, but instead managed to win 5-0 leaving Honduran football in a bad way.

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After the match, Purslane coach Hector Vargas appeared at a press conference where he felt that some key features would fall this way.

“The feeling of such a decision always gives you the problem of not being able to justify the goal difference. In short, you have to recognize the merits of a team that has invested a lot of money in the number of players it has.”

He added: “Since Castillo went straight to the goal for 8 minutes, the referee only took one yellow, so the first play that seemed to be sent to me seemed a bit decisive, and the idea that he could be there changed the party, and it was decisive.”

From the analysis of the Greens leader, the failure to make some objective plays is part of this elimination against Portland.

“We ended the first half with the possibility of capturing more than one line. We also had to knock out Castillo and Ariaca due to injury. Then, we know the economic superiority of this team, which was reflected on the scoreboard.”

When he was consulted about the feeling he would have after getting a lot of goals and being eliminated from these international tournaments.

“You take this according to the competition you have. We need to know that Saturday came as a charter for Portland. It took us a day to get here. We left San Pedro Sula at 4:00 am and arrived at 9:00 pm to go to Portland and the results were swollen due to fatigue. When you feel it, you don’t go back there, those situations happen. “

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He acknowledges it: “I think we could only have lost by five goals. The goalkeeper even covered two or three balls. It could have been more.”

Vargas goes a little further and considers that the last minutes reflected the physical exhaustion his managers had because of the demand in the last days.

“It reflects in fatigue, that when you focus on not changing, you are looking for an action that puts you closer to the scoreboard, and if you do not achieve it, you then feel the inability to prove it with your attitude. The goal strengthens you. We know it’s not easy for you to get out of this and form a team that will come to compete. Tuesday, the weekend game, he’s traveling, and it’s a reflection of the last minutes of this game.

He concluded: “If they outperform you tactically, they will make a difference in the first minutes. Its best speakers and Pilardo have always told us:” If I stop the team badly, the first minutes are situations that overwhelm me and create goals. Go down three. “

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