Atlético Nacional: Macnelly Torres: “In Nacional it seems that there is no room for me anymore | El Lengua

During 2021, Macnelly Torres has not been present in Colombian football, which does not imply that he has decided to retire, on the contrary, he is waiting for the end of the Apertura Tournament to see which country club you can reinforce.

Macnelly Torres, one of the references of the FPC, spoke with El Lengua de Caracol Radio about his plans for the future and commented that although he has received offers from abroad, none have met his expectations.

“I have had offers from abroad, but none so attractive as to leave the country again, I am calm in Medellín, waiting for this tournament to end to see what happens and I have not decided whether to withdraw or not, “he said.

However, for a large part of the Atlético Nacional fans, Macnelly Torres should retire wearing the ‘purslane’ shirt. Although the player wanted this, he made it clear that the Paisa team is no longer interested in him.

“There are no possibilities of retiring in Nacional. They did not take an interest in me again, so I don’t think we are on the same page for that to happen “, commented,

In turn, he highlighted the performance that Jarlan Barrera has been having in the two times champion of the Copa Libertadores.

“I see Jarlan Barrera with a lot of projection to be an important 10 of our country, to play abroad and even to stand out in the Colombian National Team, “he said.

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