They will implement a safe space for children and adolescents from the Tacumbo Swamp :: MOPC

With the aim of enabling a safe space for children and adolescents in the Tacumbo Swamp Temporary Housing Area (RI14), the Public Works Ministry and the Ministry of Children and Adolescents (MINNA) signed Law No. º 1 to the Framework Agreement between the parties.

This action aims to improve family quality and contribute to strengthening the national system for the protection and advancement of children and adolescents.

As agreed, this safe space shall contain educational and recreational materials in order to contribute effectively to the training of local children and adolescents.

It is also planned to train people who will record and upload data for boys and girls in the National Observatory for Children and Adolescents, in addition to serving food (breakfast and snacks) to beneficiaries.

Likewise, the persons who will provide direct interest services have been identified, as well as an institutional representative to contact the parties and carry out the corresponding follow-up of the actions taken, all of this accompanied by a monthly report.

On behalf of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), Mr. Julio Galeano Inchausti is appointed, while Mr. Lucía Romero Suárez is appointed to MINNA.

The document – which is valid for a year and can be extended by mutual agreement – bears the signature of the President of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Engineer Rodolfo Segovia, and Mrs. Teresa Martínez Acosta, Minister of MENA.

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