Zuckerberg says Musk is ‘not serious’ about fighting and ‘it’s time to let him go’

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this Sunday that Company X owner Elon Musk is “not serious” about the fight they’ve been speculating about for two months, and therefore, “it’s time to stop passing” the matter.

Zuckerberg wrote on his social network, Threads, a few days after Musk announced that the hypothetical battle could take place at a historic place in Italy.

“If Elon is serious about a royal date and an official event, he knows how to contact me. Otherwise, it’s time to let her go. I’m going to focus on competing with people who take sports seriously,” Zuckerberg said.

On Friday, Musk claimed he had agreed with the Italian government on a “historic site” for the fight, which his foundation and the Zuckerberg Foundation are supposed to organize, and proceeds from which will go to “veterans” and “children’s hospitals in Italy.”

Without mentioning that news, Zuckerberg made it clear that he suggested a “real date” that Musk wouldn’t respond to, and also indicated his refusal to be staged in a “legitimate” manner by mixed martial arts company the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

added the Meta boss, referring to a possible internship in his own ring, according to messages posted by both.

It seems that Zuckerberg’s apparent withdrawal from the challenge did not sink with Musk, who today, in his various interactions with followers of his social network, called his opponent a “chicken” and confirmed that “tomorrow” he would knock on his door to “tell him to fight.”

In June, the two billionaires – who clash for leadership in the digital world – agreed to fight back through a series of social media posts on their respective platforms, but it was never clear if they were joking or serious.

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