Violeta Ispel again refuses to censor Instagram with hot photos

Despite that Violeta Isfel She surprised her audience with the stunning photos her husband takes of herself, this time the actress was surprised to see another series of pictures taken by her and thanked her company and her love because it makes her feel safe.

Through Instagram, Violeta Ispel dedicated a few words to her husband, “In your hands I can fully unravel; Physically, emotionally and spiritually ”, She began with photos of her writing, one of which can be seen leaning against her husband’s chest, and used a flower to cover her own chest.

Continuing, Leaning on your chest I know nothing bad will happen to me Because you always take care of my dreams and help me make them come true. “, They fall in love so much with more photos with her husband.

These are the photos that Violeta posted on her social networks:

“Thank you husband, I love you. I love the moments you manage to portray. Only then can you understand what you see in me, when I see you, when I come with you in this world of adventure, to love us. “, He wrote next to another black and white photo in which he lay on the bed and turned towards the camera.

“You are also my super defender #CopraCoy. I loved my # angel! I look spectacular ”, He ended his message with another Photography In it the two rest with their foreheads closed on the other side.

Violet Isfel burns Instagram photos on bed husband

His followers wrote to his comrade praising his work. Beautiful photos, There is hardly anyone who takes that photo quality with that perspective and feeling. “.

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