Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso accepts his administration with the highest percentage since returning to democracy

Banker Guillermo Lasso and his wife Maria de Lourdes Alquiere celebrating victory in the second round of the presidential election (Photo: REUTERS / Maria Fernanda Landin)

Guillermo Lasso, Current leader Ecuador, Broke a stigma Banker, Catholic Y Conservative He will become president. What’s more, he is now the president who will begin his administration The highest acceptance rate since the South American nation returned to democracy in 1979.

With the elections of 1978 and the summoning of the supreme council of government, the Ecuadorian constitution returned to the channel and overthrew the last military dictatorship in its recent history. Since then, the Andean nation has been ruled by 14 presidents, 10 of whom were elected, 4 of whom are constitutional heirs.

Opinion polls suggest Cidados is still violating incumbent President Guillermo Lasso. Acknowledging what Rafael Correa and Jaime Roldes had achieved at the time, it was considered the highest in the last 40 years.

Rafael Correa was the president of Ecuador who dissolved the legislative branch, which became known as the Constituent Assembly, which created a new constitution, and has now escaped. Justice for being convicted of a crime Organized crime. He planted public infrastructure in most parts of Korea, which accepted him in popular fields.

On the contrary, Jaime Roldos Who is the president who remembers the return to democracy Died in a mysterious plane crash in 1981, When the President exercises power. Roldus will be remembered for his doctrine of international law since 1980, which bears his name, which was elevated in support of regional honor Human rights At a time marked by the dominance of military dictatorships in regions such as Jorge Rafael Vidola in Argentina, Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Manuel Norica in Panama or Jono Baptista Ficurido in Brazil. In domestic politics, he will be remembered for doubling the worker’s minimum wage and reducing working hours.

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CEDATOS says more than opinion polls 71Approval of new President Guillermo Lasso%, Rafael Correa and Jaime Roldas are each responsible 68% For the same opinion. Other contemporary presidents, in the same study, show similar, lower, numbers: Abdale Bukaram 67%, Jameel Mahuat 66% and Lucio Guterres 64%, but none surpassed Guillermo Lasso.

Jaime Roldas won the presidency with 68.5% of the vote in the 1979 referendum. This figure will not be repeated, replacing the president for a democratic return The most voted ruler In his first participation. Others averaged 53.6% of the vote on the Ecuadorian presidency, averaging the results of the ballot. Sixth Duran Ballon’s cases reached 57.3% in 1992; Abdul Bukramin, who received 54.5% in 1996; Lucio Gutierrez, 56.7% in 2002; And Rafael Korea, who received 56.7% in 2006.

Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador’s new leader Won the polls with 52.2% of the vote, well below average, Now, admittedly, he is already the most-voted president in the country’s recent political history.

Although popular acceptance supports it, The Lazo government faces many challenges in consolidating its political capital. Most importantly, due to the current situation, it must end successfully Vaccination program It seeks to vaccinate nine million Ecuadorian people in 100 days. It also creates jobs as announced by its campaign slogan “Employment, employment and more employment”.

In addition, Lasso should build bridges with the legislature to promote his government program. Because it does not have a good number of legislators.

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