E.A. Has been hacked; They steal FIFA 21 codes and 780GB of data

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Company Electronic Arts (EA), One of the distributors Video game Was the largest and most important in the world 780gb is the victim of a group of hackers who extracted company data, Something the company itself has confirmed to the media Wise Y Motherboard, Highlights it FIFA 21 is among the affected topics.

Cyber ​​hackers Source code stolen In some video games like FIFA 21 Y Sims. In addition, the thieves spread “patented works” by the company in various forums at their disposal.

A spokesman She Mentioned Motherboard What The stolen data does not contain any player information, Re-emphasizes that there is no reason to believe that there is any risk in users ’personal data.

They clarified that they have already made improvements in their security and are currently working with the officers and experts responsible for conducting the criminal investigation of this case.

The hackers stole the Frostbite graphics machine from EA

The attackers gained access to internal development tools, mainly highlighted Frostbite, A graphics engine that creates titles similar to those now announced Battlefield 2042.

Other cyber attacks on video game companies

Unexpectedly, EA is not the only victim of cyber attacks In recent months. Last February, CD program RED, Responsible for co The Witcher Y Cyberpunk 2077, A seizure occurred ransomware It slowed down his work rhythm. In addition, hackers stole the source code Cyberpunk 2077 And the next gen version The Witcher 3: Wild Hunting. The files have already been circulating on the Internet for weeks.

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