They confirm the arrest of the father of the children who have been missing for 40 days in the Colombian jungle

Bogota. The father of Colombian indigenous children who survived 40 days missing in the jungle was detained Friday, Colombian authorities confirmed.

The Colombian public prosecutor’s office confirmed the arrest of Manuel Ranoc. He is the father of two younger brothers, ages 1 and 4, and stepfather to two sisters, ages 9 and 13.

Although no information was provided on the reasons or circumstances of his arrest, Colombian media reported that he had been arrested for alleged sexual abuse. The Associated Press could not confirm that detail.

Astrid Eliana Cáceres, director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), also noted on Friday the capture of the minors’ father, who is under the umbrella of state care. “We are aware of the arrest of the father of two minor minor children, and we believe that the prosecutor’s office is working with the full frame of the law; we are cooperating with them,” the official said in response to questions from reporters.

He made it clear that the agency would continue in the process of “protecting” minors and restoring their rights. Four siblings remained in state custody after recovering from malnutrition and being released from hospital.

Manuel Ranoc denied custody of minors with maternal grandparents. Her mother died in a plane crash on May 1, although according to the father, one of the girls said the girl had been alive for about four days.

The maternal grandfather had accused the children’s father of beating their mother, Magdalena Mukudui. Narciso Mukuduy also told reporters that the children hid in the forest when cases broke out in the family.

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Ranok admitted to the press that there were problems at home, but considered it a private family matter and not “rumors to the world”.

Asked if he assaulted his wife, Ranok replied: “Suddenly verbally yes. Very little physical, because we fought more words.

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