Disney + lets you watch all Marvel movies chronologically

Disney + lets you watch all Marvel movies chronologically. Photo: Robin Beck / AFP via Getty Images

While many people have the idea of ​​having fun relaxing on the beach, others spend their time there Marvel movies in the order of origin. However, Sign up for Disney +, You do not have to figure out which Marvel movie or series comes first.

With Disney +, You will have many sections that will open the doors to the world Disney content, Pixar, National Geography, Star Wars And, of course, Marvel. The good thing about each brand’s exclusive segment is that the content is organized by movies, special packages and what’s going on behind the cameras.

Marvel, in particular, has done different areas for you Disney + app. You can watch all Marvel movies in stumble style. Additionally, the streaming service provides you with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe chronologically.

Marvel movies chronologically

The timeline begins Captain America’s First Avenger, It tells the story of Steve Rogers during World War II. Next picture, Captain Marvel, Takes place in the 90s, then the deadline progresses to 2010, with the adventures of Tony Stark Iron man e Iron Man 2.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues Thor, Then the first film Avengers With Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hockey. Follow Thor: The Dark World. Marvel fans will come to the final story Iron Man3 Proceed Captain America: Winter Soldier. Continuing chronologically Defenders of the Galaxy Volume 1 Y Volume. 2. Comes later Avengers: Ultron Age, Ant Man And behind Captain America: Civil War.

The chronology continues with the iconic image Black leopard. Movies follow Dr. Strange, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant man Y Ant Man and Wasp. The last two installments of Avengers: Infinite War Y Avengers: Endcom, Is a turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, bringing the original Disney + series to 2021 fans, Scarlet Witch and Vision.

If you do not Recorded at Disney +, Now is the time. New layers and new theories are being created, and the streaming service makes it easy to keep all Marvel content.

Disney + in Latin America

How do you remember, Disney + Arrived in Latin America on November 16th. If you are interested, these are prices Disney + For the region:

  • Peru: PEN $ 25.90 / PEN $ 259.90 per year

  • Chile: CLP $ 6,500 Manual / CLP $ 64,900 Annual

  • Colombia: COP monthly 23,900 monthly / COP $ 239,900 per year

  • Ecuador: USD $ 5.99 / USD $ 59.99 per year

  • Uruguay: USD $ 7.49 / USD $ 74.99 per year

  • Panama: USD $ 5.99 / USD $ 59.99 per year

  • Costa Rica: USD $ 5.99 / USD $ 59.99 per year

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